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Workshops & Classes



THE ACTOR’S GYM - A flexible way to practice your acting skills; you buy passes and use them as you need to strengthen your audition skills; private coaching also available.


A MUSE  YOURSELF - Write, act up and get in touch with your muse--whether your goal is to create a solo performance piece or just practice the art of play.


DEAD FOR A DAY - This is the class you are dying to take!  Come encounter the art of dying in order to bring life to yourself again!!!!


THE BARDO CYCLE:  Four seasonal week-end retreats that focus awareness on the ‘transitions’ of your life. 

Invigorate and liberate your creativity and spirituality. Come design the life you wish to experience!


INTRO TO PLAYWRITING - Creative Writing, Austin Community College


Big or small, short or long, the art of telling a story has its 1, 2, 3s. Come brush up on how you successfully turn big stories into small packages!

Start writing
Get inspired
Trust your impulses

Write what you didn’t expect was possible in short play or monologue form!  One of the most popular and produced genres, the ten minute play or monologue has gained increasingly popularity in recent years. . Come learn how to develop your stories so that the voices, creative imaginations and bodies of actors are attracted to produce them!

Bring your laptop and/or a yellow pad.

Call 497-7091 for information.

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