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Creative Life Coaching


By Design 

the one to one practice of developing new perspectives regarding the power of play and improvisation in life and work.  Through individual discovery sessions, you are guided on a path that heals and puts an end to what you're expected to be or become by building an awareness of  the child-like playfulness that you are by design.


By Design

• you access strengths, inner wisdom, and talents 

• you investigate old habits and patterns 

• you choose creative new tools for personal change and growth

• you use the creative process as a template for living

•you create a safe space in which you can explore and express your feelings 



By Design

• supports  you to make your creativity a priority 

• encourages reflection on priorities and personal values 

• explores dream study to open the path for new realizations to replace old belief patterns 

• gives expression to new possibilities for  self-esteem and success

• practices honest feedback

• cultivates your highest intentions by creating empowering, self-designed practices  



To schedule a session By Design call: 512-497-7091


You're successful, yet unfulfilled.  


You have done everything that was expected of you.


You have developed a sense of responsibility and obligation and in the process you

have lost what you are passionate about.


You know something is missing yet how do you begin to recover it?



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